Games (Leo Ku album)

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Games (遊戲-基)
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ReleasedNovember 28, 2003
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Games (遊戲-基)

Games (遊戲 - 基) is an album by the Cantopop singer Leo Ku, released on November 28, 2003. The album is based on the theme of video games and was recorded in 2003 after Ku's two-year break from singing Cantopop. His current[when?] manager, Paco Wong, persuaded Ku to come back to Hong Kong's Cantopop scene. The songs 必殺技 ("Fatal Trick") and 任天堂流淚 ("Let Heaven Shed its Tears") won Ku numerous awards.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 必殺技 (Fatal Trick)
  2. 愛神 (God of Love)
  3. 悟空 (Wukong)
  4. 決戰十一 (Winning Eleven)
  5. 任天堂流淚 (Let Heaven Shed its Tears)
  6. 美少女夢工場之真三國無雙 (Sailor Moon's Dream Workshop: Dynasty Warriors)
  7. Forward ur luv
  8. 心跳回憶 (Heartbeat Memories)
  9. 赤川次郎夜想曲
  • Bonus tracks:
  1. 在這離別時候 (The Time to Leave) (Mandarin)
  2. 不要說你不知道 (Don't Say You Don't Know) (Mandarin)