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Guidelines for this article

This article has recently experienced a "reboot," to focus on the acadmic discipline of Computer Graphics rather than applications of computer graphics to movies and video games (as these topics are covered extensively by other Wikipedia pages). It has been modeled after the general article on physics -- the idea is to give a broad overview of the problem, the connection of computer graphics to other disciplines, and some history of the field as a whole. You may want to take a look at the physics article before editing this one to get an idea of what a good overview article looks like. Some sections are left sparse or empty as placeholders for future information - please try to fill these in if you can. I have tried to maintain a broad perspective while linking to specialized pages when appropriate.

Specific information about graphics sub-topics is abundant on the Wikipedia and does not need to be repeated here!

Additionally, if you'd like to write something about, e.g., graphics specific to the movie industry or graphics specific to the video game industry, I would encourage you to contribute to the CGI page, one of the video games subpages, or to create a specialized page.

I've also weeded out links which are of microscopic relevance (e.g., links to the Macromedia Flash SDK) - let's try to keep it this way.

—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 18:08, 29 December 2006 (UTC).

External Link

Please Add this link to external links -

  • CGIndia.Org Provides CGIndustry new & Resource about Computer Graphics, 3d, Animation, and Visual Effects (VFX).

I agree with Jayron - merge CG Artwork in this section only. --Wiki187 15:58, 22 November 2006 (UTC)

CGIndia doesnt seem relevant enough, WP:SPAM and WP:EL issues aside. --Ronz 20:30, 22 November 2006 (UTC)

Ronz; Please Do explain little bit more about Relevance???

And let me tell you something about the point of view from the users side, I am least interested in knowing your 5 pillars etc.... but the link I suggested was totally relevant.....Beside using your moderation power and your pride,… Consider logic and common sense as your first tool......The both the link ( CGIndia and AutoDesk’s “AREA”) are relevant for following specified section - visual effects (VFX), Computer Graphics , Maya (software), 3ds Max.....You may invite Wiki users for voting and host a poll :) ..........................May Be some1 above you look into your matter.....Please stop repeating or may i say pasting same old comments on every once post. --Wiki187 11:27, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

The rewrite of the computer graphics article is being devised at Talk:computer graphics/Temp. Please comment or help out as necessary. Thanks

Might one want to include a list computer graphics programmes (with the caveat that such information may be historical and tend to become outdated)? -- Daniel C. Boyer

Should the article mention that at first research into computer graphics and attempts to develop computer graphics programmes was discouraged by academia and companies as it took up valuable memory that could be better devoted to more "practical" (profit-generating) activities? --Daniel C. Boyer

Mention ASCII art? --Daniel C. Boyer

done — added to the See also section BACbKA 17:25, 1 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Or pseudo-graphics? Or should that be a separate article? BACbKA 02:19, 26 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Sketchpad reference needs to be justified

The following sentance is up near the top of the article, without any justification: "The first major advance in computer graphics was the development of the Sketchpad in 1962 by Ivan Sutherland". If this is true and relevent, it needs to be justified. If it cannot, it should be removed. JesseW 29 June 2005 22:57 (UTC)

Shading techniques

The shading techniques mention 'texture mapping'. The header text says "The process of shading [..] involves the computer simulating [..] how the faces of a polygon will look when illuminated by a virtual light source." Texture mapping isn't directly related to lightsources - once a texture map is applied to an object no shadow/hilight information is calculated, AFAIK it still requires one of the shader techniques. Sometimes texturemaps are precalculated with shadow information (computer games use this technique): an image of the floor with hilighted spots on it is mapped on a surface giving the illusion that the light is calculated but in fact is not. The technique works okay for static surfaces with static lightsources. I'm not sure how (if?) this would fit in the article? Felsir 13:20, July 28, 2005 (UTC)


I am missing any mention of the concept viewport (the area in object space mapped to the window on the screen). Neither is there an article "Viewport". Or am I overlooking something? I do not feel enough of an expert to write it. Who volunteers? −Woodstone 19:42, August 6, 2005 (UTC)


Anyone wants to see any images in this article? Image:Glasses 800.png looks good to me. Shawnc 22:43, 14 April 2006 (UTC)

merge CG Artwork

Article named CG artwork needs to be merged with this one. It seems largely redundant. --Jayron32 02:41, 6 October 2006 (UTC)

    • no, I don't believe there's much similarity since the update

why are computer graphics so popular?

why are computer graphics so popular?