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6 February 2004

What do I know, anyway, huh?

Aslu unaffoctor gef cak siructiun gill bo cak spiarshoot anet cak GurGanglo gur pwucossing pwutwam.

posted by Elf at 7:12 PM

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Name: Elf
Location: San Jose, CA

This is a short amount of text about me. It's not real text, but approximates how much description might be displayed?...

  • January, 2004: Started working on her Wikipedia addiction.
  • February, 2004: Started trying to cut back.
  • May 7: Am now #320 on Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits. This is not necessarily a good thing.
  • July 1: #295. And that's while I'm "trying to cut back".
  • Aug 8: #288. My ascent is slowing--excellent.
  • Aug 17: #292. Better. Doesn't FEEL like less, but OK.
  • Aug 22: #286; up again! Crud. I blame it on mixed-breed dog getting nominated for featured article.
  • Sept 21: #271; bad, bad Elf.
  • Sept 22: #265. How is that possible? Give it up--I'm doomed.
  • Oct 10: #252. I've since been self-blocking for long periods. Perhaps this will help.
  • Nov 8: Still #252. Promising. Plus I was gone from 9-14. We shall see...
  • Dec 16: #259. This is good. But last couple of days have been bad. Back to wrapping gifts.
  • Jan 3, #243. Oh, very, very bad.