Bear Mountain (Kern County, California)

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Bear Mountain
Highest point
Elevation6,916 ft (2,108 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence2,600 ft (792 m) [2]
Coordinates35°12′17″N 118°38′17″W / 35.204779653°N 118.638074522°W / 35.204779653; -118.638074522Coordinates: 35°12′17″N 118°38′17″W / 35.204779653°N 118.638074522°W / 35.204779653; -118.638074522[1]
LocationKern County, California, U.S.
Parent rangeTehachapi Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Bear Mountain
Bear Mountain - High above California's Central Valley.
Looking West From Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain is a peak in the Tehachapi Mountains, near Tehachapi, California.

The mountain is north of Bear Valley Springs, and west of the Tehachapi Loop, a spiral on the railroad line through Tehachapi Pass.

Much of the mountain is on land owned by the Keene Ranch.[citation needed]


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